altr your intention.
altr your perspective.

live a life you love.

verb / noun


Everyone has their own story, their own journey, and their own personal goals. We are not here to change your life; that is your job. We are here to altr intentions, shift perspectives, and enhance the practice through the power of yoga and a strong support network.

Our goal is to heighten the knowledge of teachers and students of yoga so that they can continue to live their best life - and inspire those around them to live theirs.

Through trainings, retreats, and continuing education, we aim to empower one another to expand and thrive. We believe in the power of the individual fuelling their own experience so together, as a unit, we can altr the way people view the world and live their best lives.


We are a community of like-minded yogis from all walks of life. We seek to inspire, guide, and support each and every one of our students through their own personal journey.


Ready to dive deep into your personal practice?
Embark on a journey of self discovery?
Looking for a worldwide recognized yoga teacher certification?
Ready to fall in love with your life?


altr’s 200 hour yoga teacher training is the perfect place to learn about yourself, shift your mindset, strengthen your practice and gain all the tools you need to be a successful yoga teacher. Not only will you transform your own universe but enhance the lives of those around you.

Our training is practical, hands on and accessible to everyone. At altr we believe in the power of experience in addition to education. At the conclusion of training you will be more than capable and confident in teaching a full yoga class.

Yoga teaches us lessons that have a heavy influence in our lives on and off the mat. Teachings are full of life skills, ethics, movement and observations that will guide you through life. We are forever the students of yoga. Whether you decide to teach classrooms full of people or just want to personally learn and flow, the 200 hour training will have a great impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

Join the energy of our teachers, graduates, students and friends. altr your intention, altr your perspective and live a life you love. It all starts here.

Continuing Education

Altr Yoga and HotShop Hot Yoga together are so excited to explore the wonderful world of yin with you!