We are our community. altr is for our people. These are some first hand accounts of the altr experience. We aim to empower one another to live their best life. This is the power of the individual feeling their own experience. 

We are so proud of each and every one of you. It is our greatest gift to have been a part of your journey. You inspire us every single day.





"Experiencing the altr Yin Yoga training weekend was everything I could have hoped for and so much more. Leah and Megan created a space where I was able to share, learn and grow both as an instructor and as a person. They were both extremely knowledgeable, passionate and really took the time to get to know all of us. I initially went into this weekend with the intention of being able to teach spin & yin combo classes at Hotshop, and I walked out with a level of knowledge I will take with me to each part of my life. From theory, principles & history to knowledge of poses and creating sequences, I have the confidence to practice at home and to teach others. This workshop gave me a whole new level of appreciation for Yin Yoga, and I can’t wait to discover and learn more as I practice. Thank you altr!"


"Teacher training was one of the most powerful, and life changing experiences I have ever done...  Whether you want to improve your yoga practice, develop teaching skills, bring balance back to your life, or just make new friends, this training has it all!   

Rachel and Megan were outstanding teachers and brought just the right balance to the training... The training has strength/compassion, power/ease and wisdom/learning.  I learned so much about my practice, my self and my community.  

Since the training my practice has significantly improved, I feel more at peace and energized in my life and I am even auditioning to teach which was something I never thought I would do!  I am so grateful for the experience I had!  

Namaste yogis!"


"I signed up for the altr YTT program to learn how to teach yoga, but it ended up absolutely changing my life. Our incredible trainers opened my eyes to what yoga really is and how I can implement yoga into my everyday life outside of my mat. It has gotten me to fall in love with my practice more than I thought I could, and inspired me to become a better teacher, yogi, and human. The connections I made throughout the training has given me genuine friendships and a community that is full of love and support. I am so grateful for my new yoga family and HotShop for becoming my second home!”