300 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

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Expand and explore your teaching practice with our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training!

300 HOURS // Expansion //

altr’s 300 hour yoga teacher training is a holistic, embodied learning experience to build a personal yoga practice that is sustainable and complete. Opportunities for self-reflection and self-study will allow participants to fine tune their rituals to better suit their individual natures. By incorporating meditation, pranayama, asana, mantra, and relaxation within each session together, students will work through the blockages in their physical bodies, minds and energetic constitutions to deepen their awareness of their essential selves.

Content will be explored and understood through practice and reflection, promoting a truly felt understanding of the yogic technologies rather than purely intellectual comprehension of a theory. The aim is for participants to come out of this immersion truly feeling authenticity in their personal yoga practices and trusting of their own paths and roles as teachers.

Many teachers say they feel ‘imposter syndrome’. This training is designed to provide students with the experiences and deeper understanding of what yoga is, what is was, and what it always will be. As we immerse ourselves in this shared experience, participants will come to know themselves as yogis in their own right. Only by knowing what yoga is and means to us as unique teachers, can we create and teach truly from our hearts.

Join the energy of our teachers, graduates, students and friends. altr your intention, altr your perspective and live a life you love. It all starts here.