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15 Min Happy Hips + Low Back

Yoga inspired movement focused on hips and lower back! Allow your body and breath to guide you in and out of these shapes. Give yourself some time at the end for rest and introspective stillness! Let me know how this practice goes for you or any requests you may have for future sequences!

Good Morning Flow

20 minute sequence to start your day! Move slow, listen to your body and do what feels good! This is a wonderful way to set yourself up for a new day! Don't forget to let us know how this practice felt for you and subscribe to this page for more videos! Have a beautiful day!

Good Evening Flow

Wind down with this short, sleepy time flow! Add your own music, get cozy and manifest a peaceful sleep! Listen to your body, modify to suit your preferences and let us know below how you feel! We are so happy you are here and would love for you to subscribe and send us any requests! Namaste!

Slow Flow w/ Blocks

Slow Flow with yoga postures supported by blocks! Take your time to melt into each pose and use your breath as a tool to release tension. Lots of options, so choose which shapes feel best in your body! Grab a couple of yoga blocks, turn on your favourite playlist, and let's practice!

Weekend Sculpt!

Full Body Sculpt! Turn on your fave playlist, grab some weights and have fun! Listen to your body, take breaks, drink water. Let your breath be your guide!

Yin Yoga: Hips + Spine

Yin Yoga with Leah Graw Yin is a style of yoga that explores long, passively held poses in order to cultivate a calm state of mind and release chronic tension that resides in the connective tissues of the body. Level: All Levels Focus: Hips and Spine

Happy Hamstrings

Slow Flow focused on hamstring strength and mobility! Listen to your body, practice patience, avoid pulling or forcing! Props: Yoga Strap Like + Comment + Subscribe! Namaste.

Sculptin' Triceps

Yoga Sculpt is a fusion practice. You can look forward to yoga inspired poses and sequencing, with the addition of strength training! We invite in elements of the yoga practice as we trust the guidance of breath, practice non-harm by listening to the body and intention setting as we tap into inner strength and determination. Props: Dumbbells (I am using 3 pounds weights) Focus: Triceps *** Turn on your favourite playlist! *** Please modify this practice to suit your body, rest when you need to, please do not do anything that causes pain or injury. Comment below and let us know how you feel after this practice!

Morning Mobility

Wake up with this 30 minute mobility sequence. Move with your breath as you slowly awaken your joints and muscles. Set an intention for a new day ahead! Please listen to your body and honour where you are at. Turn on your favourite morning tunes and enjoy!

Core Power

This sequence is designed to target the 360 core - front, side and back! This style of practice is a bit more vigorous with a focus on building strength in the core of the body and empower you in mind and spirit. Modify and take breaks as you need to! Use your breath to support you through the work, tap into your inner fire, and enjoy! Let us know how your practice went in the comments!

Slow Flow | Beginner Friendly

This slow flow is short and sweet and open to all levels! If you are a beginner - welcome! Take your time! Be curious in your body. Do what feels safe. Comment below if you need modification or clarification on poses. Let this practice be an invitation to opening up to new feelings, new energy and a new beginning! The perfect time for a new beginning is... NOW Namaste!

Yoga for Shoulders + Chest

Yoga inspired practice to open up the heart space and ease tension held in the shoulders. A great practice to counter the effects of working over a phone or computer, to create energetic space for more joy and love in your life, and to release the weight of the world from your shoulders! Turn on your favourite yoga playlist. Listen to your body. Allow your breath to guide you. Comment below if you have questions about any of the poses or you are looking for pose modifications! You are loved!

Yoga for Skiers and Snowboarders | Après Ski Yoga

Take off your boots, turn on your favourite playlist, roll out your mat and let’s flow! Add this yoga inspired sequence to your ski or boarding day! This movement practice is designed to balance strength and flexibility to support you in your outdoor winter adventures. Benefits in incorporating this sequence pre or post adventure may include: - Reduced risk of injury - Increased endurance + longevity in your favorite winter activities - Improved balance and focus - Speedier post-activity recovery! - Balance strength and flexibility and combat muscular imbalance + promoting symmetry I would LOVE to hear your feedback. How did this practice feel post ski/board?? Don’t forget to like, subscribe and come back to practice again soon!

Yoga for Runners

This yoga inspired sequence was designed to support strength and flexibility for walkers, joggers and runners! Incorporating a thoughtful warm up and stretch, pre or post run, can contribute to the health and sustainability of your body as a runner! The shapes and transitions in this sequences focus on the hip flexors, quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings. Plus, you can look forward to some extra attention around the feet and ankles! I used blocks for support in this class, if you have them at home, keep them nearby! Listen to your body, avoid forcing or pushing yourself into any of these shapes. Trust your breath will guide you to your edge! Are you a runner? Let me know if this sequence was helpful!